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About VitalObjectives

VitalObjectives is a personal health education and coaching service founded by Christian Wernstedt in 2010. With a range of educational tools and personal coaching services, including a free blog and online resources, New York City-based VitalObjectives offers superior worldwide service and instruction in evidence-based, evolutionary health, and news and information about medicine.



About Christian Wernstedt

VitalObjectives founder Christian Wernstedt is a personal health coach and entrepreneur specializing in applying fact-based science, medicine and health to one’s everyday practices, including food, exercise, and lifestyle. 

Born and raised in Gothenberg, Sweden, Christian attended school and tinkered with computers, briefly attending college classes in engineering and teaching himself science, technology, and philosophy while trading with various businesses. Encouraged by early entrepreneurial success, Christian founded an information technology company, NetServices, in 1997. He later expanded the firm’s operations to the United States of America. 

As his technology business grew, his interests did too, and, after coming to America and settling in New York City, so did the demands upon his time. As he had explored technology as a youth, Christian became interested in the proper principles of staying fit, eating right, and the expense of effort to be healthy. He created VitalObjectives in 2010 to foster a deeper understanding of health, nutrition and medical science. With NetServices an international success, he turned his attention to realizing the passion for rational, healthy and happy living: VitalObjectives.

Christian, who is interested in art, history, and Western philosophy, is an active member of Toastmasters International. He lives in Brooklyn.



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