Vital Objectives

Questions and Answers

Why the name VitalObjectives?

The term Vital, which originates from the Latin term for life, has a long history in health and medicine, and it’s a crucial concept. In approaching health as a subject it is important to recognize that the human body is not a machine and can't be understood and approached as if it were. The body, like all living things, is a complex, integrated, self-sustaining and self-regulating entity. This understanding informs everything we do at VitalObjectives. 

Vitality, a related concept, may provide the crucial difference between life and death. On a day to day basis, not everything is a matter of life and death, but ultimately everything is reducible to a distinction between that which promotes your life and that which does not—or, worse, that which destroys your life. 

Objectives means that one ought to be objective, “get real” and face facts—even when it’s not what one wants to hear—and be realistic. Setting goals is not just doing whatever feels good; we must define specific goals to achieve health and happiness. When the mind is activated, objectives become goals. We provide the objectives—you provide the goals.


I need your advice about symptom X…

I receive a lot of questions about specific issues that call for an investigation of underlying root causes. Since I don't diagnose or treat symptoms but attack root causes, my general answer is always that I want to look at your health history and your complaints in their totality. Only then can I figure out a way to look for the causes that underlie your problems and help with addressing them. What I have learned is that almost any manifest symptom can have almost any cause in the form of a functional imbalance in the person's body caused by one or more internal or external stressors.

So the way I look at symptoms is that they give clues to where to look for root causes, and since a true root cause is never accompanied by just one effect, I know that when you complain about symptom X, you are really suffering from Y, Z and several more that you haven't noticed or haven't looked for.

For you to get well therefore the solution is not to try to map your issues to specific remedies, but to discover genuine root causes and address them.

For instance, a skin condition like acne can be caused by a damaged mucosal barrier in the small intestine, which in turn can be caused by a food sensitivity.

The same compromized mucosal barrier can lead to underproduction of serotonin (a neurotransmitter) which may lead to symptoms such as poor sleep and anxiety.

This is the type of detective work we do and my programs train you to be your own detective. It takes effort—and commitment—though it’s not necessarily as daunting as you might think, and you will discover that when root issues (wether they are symptomatic yet or not) are found and corrected, your health, energy, and function are elevated to a new level.



Can I request a custom program?

Yes. VitalObjectives programs are always individualized.

Are payment plans available?



Is VitalObjectives service available worldwide?



Are certain products associated with your programs?

There is no question that products such as supplements and laboratory testing can accelerate your discovery process and results tremendously. However, each individual is unique and we’re careful about making general recommendations. Our partners may provide more information— and feel free to check out the Blog, Programs, and Tookit for more information.


Can I make up my own program?

Yes, though please note that this is a limited and variable option and clients are accepted at our discretion. We also offer a Blog and ToolKit for your information. 


Are you available for exclusive services?

Not at this time. Personal instruction is available in the New York City and Los Angeles metropolitan areas, though strictly on non-exclusive terms.


You make certain claims and assertions. What if you’re wrong?

I’m fallible—I know I make mistakes. So do clients, of course, which I fully understand. If something doesn’t seem to be working, I go over the issue with the client, re-examine my recommendations, and double or triple check my sources. 

I monitor results and view trying what works for the clients as part of a safe, responsible and gradual learning process.

Do you accept insurance?

No. However we can provide a statement of our charges that you can take to your insurance company in order to negotiate reimbursement. You may also be able to use a Health Savings Account to pay for our services. (We recommend checking with your provider.)  

Now if the issue of out of pocket cost is holding you back, you may need to consider your priorities. Building health is a process "front-loaded" with costs for items such as higher quality foods, supplements, lab testing, and coaching services. The financial pay off however comes later through stacking your cards favorably to avoid the exponentially increasing costs (both monetary and in terms of suffering) for dealing with disease in the future. Also don't forget the immediate reward of being more functional and feeling better on a daily basis. If you enjoy the experience of using the latest smart phone, or the feeling of sitting in the driver's seat of a BMW, you'll surely enjoy living in a functional body that expands the horizons for what you can achieve, and how well you can feel.

On a personal note, to start this business, I reduced my living expenses with more than 50% and moved to a smaller apartment, yet still bought two thousand dollars worth of lab work and supplements in order to invest in the maintenance of my health. (I needed to fix some adrenal fatigue and digestive issues.) So, while I do my best to help clients navigate cost issues, the "I can't afford it" argument sometimes rings a little empty to me.

Pay now or pay later, and if you think that your insurance company or the government will shield you from this choice indefinitely, you are sorely mistaken. The system is broken.


OK, I signed up, and I enrolled in one of the programs. But I don’t like forms. Why are there so many?

VitalObjectives needs your complete factual profile and health history in order for you to be successful. Remember, we don't diagnose or treat symptoms, but rather help the person to be healthy. Hence we need to know the person. All information that you give to us is kept confidential of course.



I’m interested in enhancing my health so that I can feel better on daily basis, and avoid spending old age attached to a dialysis machine, but I don't have the time right now due to work and other considerations. Maybe I'll sign up to your programs in three months. Can you help me rationalize my perpetual procrastination regarding taking care of my body?

VitalObjective's programs are designed as tailored step-by-step plans where each step is designed to be just right for you, including considering your time and budget. So really there is no rational reason to wait until the time when you feel less stressed or magically get four extra hours per day.

Your feeling overwhelmed and lethargic is actually your body saying: "I'm struggling to keep up - help!". So what will happen when you feel less stressed (if that ever happens) is that some of your overt symptoms of dysfunction will go away, and then you'll think that all is fine, and you'll once again postpone taking care of your health. In reality, unless you learn about in which areas your body is struggling, what to do about it, and how to do it, it's a matter of time until symptoms come back with a vengeance.


I’m not a bodybuilder, I don’t jog, and I don’t work out. Sometimes I eat potato chips and I admit I smoke half a pack a day. Am I a good candidate for VitalObjectives?

Yes. VitalObjectives is appropriate for anyone who seeks a healthy, happy life. Even you. Incidentally, as you describe yourself, I genuinely see a lot of potential given my experience.

However, if you are the type of person who values an extra flat screen TV more than, say, a $250 laboratory test that could give leads about how you can prevent serious disease in the future, or who is not willing to modestly change your lifestyle for a tremendous gain in health, you should not consider VitalObjectives. Please instead join the ever growing ranks of sick, dysfunctional, and unhappy people who run to the corner pharmacy or their doctors for ointments, remedies, various drugs and other shortcuts to true healing and health.


I was born this way (i.e., I’m heavy, I have bad eating/other habits, I have a condition) and I have accepted the fact that I probably can’t change—aren’t certain factors immutable?

You might not know what you are born with if you do not know your genetic potential. I can’t change genes or the way you were raised, but I can help you reach your genetic health potential. 

In my experience, people of all backgrounds, ages and body types, and with varying degrees of personal, psychological, and physical damage, are capable of amazing improvements. Once someone sees in action a certain fact about themselves—for example, that sticking with a better habit for a few weeks is entirely possible—it often unlocks a self-confidence that’s been hibernating for years. I have seen people quit smoking, stop consuming too much alcohol, start walking in their neighborhood every day or playing tennis, and they tend to gain steam as they proceed and start to enjoy themselves. There’s some back and forth, too, and people might struggle at a certain point, but they tend to become more positive about the reality that they can do it—which tends to make them want to stop harmful habits and start living a healthier life. “Born this way” means you are born with the capacity for real fitness—in other words, you can change what you can change.

VitalObjectives can help.