Vital Objectives


VitalObjectives offers free information and a range of programs, products, and services for rational, healthy living. From finding root causes to health issues to achieving one’s personal best, VitalObjectives provides real, practical, individualized solutions based on facts and evidence. 

The key to success is seeing yourself as a work in progress and viewing the VitalObjectives program as part of an ongoing, integrated process of detection, investigation and remediation, not tallying success by keeping score, impressing others, or measuring your health and self-esteem by a formula. The goal is to bring into alignment the facts of your values, health history, habits and personality with the facts of reality—for the purpose of making you happy and vibrantly healthy. 

If you’ve heard the expression no pain, no gain, you know what VitalObjectives is not. The programs, products, and services, are predicated on your individual desire to achieve personal happiness and the health that you need to reach your goals in life. 

However, be sure that you honestly have that desire, because our programs do not exist for the sake of making you pretend that you care for your health goals, but rather to help you reach and surpass those goals in ways that can be assessed by a mirror, how you feel on a daily basis, and your lab test results. 

So, are you ready to be happy and to live in a healthy body?

Steps to Health and Energy

Step 1: Our Free Newsletter and Free Consultation.

Please sign up to our free newsletter which provides tidbits on health and the unique VitalObjectives approach. 


Also, we offer a free 30 min initial skype consultation. This is a no pressure conversation from which you will walk away enlightened regardless of if you chose to proceed further. 


Step 2 - You decide to accelerate your health progress with a VitalObjectives program.

For prices and other details, please see the column to the right. 


Step 3 - Health survey, goal setting, and roadmap design.

Your coach (Christian Wernstedt) looks over your health history and suggest an individualized roadmap adapted to your concerns and goals. You fill out and return our comprehensive health questionnaires. (We work under strict confidentiality, by the way.) 

Your coach then designs a customized dynamic roadmap outlining a program just for you. The roadmap and program will be further discussed during your first session. The insights and information that you will receive from this session alone will likely turn on some light bulbs in your head. 

We call the roadmap “dynamic” because it allows for changes in course during the program. Achieving perfect health is very much like sailing. One benefits from having a certain planned out course at the start, but one must be open to change as the winds and other conditions change. 


Step 4 - The program.

During your program we:

Help you gain an understanding of how lifestyle affects your body's physiology and metabolism, and which external or internal stressors may hinder its function or which types of nourishment it may need to function more optimally.

Guide you in designating and activating a realistic food plan, exercise routine, and any other aspects that help you achieve your goals. This personal, step-by-step process is practical, and, while it requires effort, it is intended to be enjoyable, not overwhelming.

Help you get a real grasp of your realistic potential, monitoring and evaluating your health for safety (and in anticipation of future progress) and allowing for necessary adjustments.

Help you detect and remedy functional problems such as hormonal imbalances and digestive dysfunction which may cause problems such as fatigue, mood swings, pain and inflammation, stalled fat loss, sleep disturbances, digestive issues and other problems. (The investigation of these areas may require laboratory testing or BioSignature evaluation which is offered separately - please see the column to the right.)


As one's lifestyle and body changes, health and fitness tend to improve. With improved clarity in thinking, new energy and excitement about being alive, you will:

Set and achieve goals

Overcome sticking points

Resolve problems

Understand and reduce cravings

Boost your energy

Feel better physically and mentally

Improve how you look

Improve markers of aging and body dysfunction

Coaching Offerings

I am currently updating my coaching offerings. Please contact me for more information.

Functional Lab Testing

The goal with laboratory testing and what we call diagnostic nutrition is to detect, investigate and correct imbalances to make you feel- and function at your best—that is functioning according to your full genetic potential, and addressing developing functional problems before serious issues develop.

VitalObjectives looks for patterns—for example, problems related to hormones, digestion, detoxification, and immune balance—and we help the client address these at the root through appropriate foods and nutritional supplements.

By asking questions, evaluating lab results, suggesting protocols, and incorporating your feedback, we discover and correct functional imbalances and help you understand them.

Prices for laboratory testing vary. Our policy is to pass forward to our clients the rebates that we receive from labs. Clients typically pay lab fees directly to the labs.

Some examples of valuable tests are the following:

Functional Adrenal Stress Profile plus V

Metabolic Assessment Profile

Intestinal Barrier Function Screen

GI Pathogen Screen

MRT Food Sensitivity Screen


We provide evaluation of test results, protocol recommendations, and related support.

Our current rate for clients who are not enrolled in a 6-12 session coaching program is $150 per test. Enrolled clients recieve a discount.


Other Services

50 Minutes of phone counseling. $145.

Twelve site body fat distribution assessment according to the BioSignature method. $150 excluding traveling costs.