Vital Objectives


VitalObjectives puts the individual foremost, with healthy happiness as the aim of our work, by integrating what feeds your potential with the reality of how you live. We do so based on facts and evidence. 

Today, more than ever, VitalObjectives thinks that staying healthy is in everyone’s self-interest.

With a battery of fact-based information, encouragement, and tools, we help people avoid disease and injury, enhance energy and mental resources, and live a rational, healthy and happy life. 

Using one’s core values and goals as a starting point, VitalObjectives fosters:

Lifestyle enrichment

Health and fitness


Disease prevention

Good food and nutrition

Physical conditioning

Reality-based spirituality

VitalObjectives offers realistic, practicable shorter and long-term programs, free information and resources, and personal health coaching and counseling. The client may achieve lasting results because we integrate facts and rational education with a positive approach to client needs, habits, and goals. 

VitalObjectives seeks to instill the virtues of rationality, pride, and independence to help you create—or re-create—yourself as a self-confident, healthy, and happy individual.

VitalObjectives is based on a rational view of life, gathering data, applying evolutionary science to health, and fostering knowledge and practices derived from facts, not gimmicks, speculation, and conjecture. No single diet or program fits everyone, so based upon science and what we know about human evolution, VitalObjectives strives to match the uniqueness of the individual to the facts of reality—and give you the knowledge, encouragement, and tools you need to be healthy and happy.


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The VO Approach

According to VitalObjectives, the proper and truly effective method to achieve and sustain perfect health consists of two basic principles.

1) Give your body the nourishment that it needs to successfully perform its functions.

2) Remove internal and external stressors that hinder these functions.

These principles, and their real life implementation, are the foundations of the VitalObjectives approach to health.

We will soon have a short presentation up on this subject.


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