The Company

Christian Wernstedt (Founder)

  • Health Coach and Educator + nerd
  • Inventor of “The Pathways Engine” (PWS) for genetics analysis, etc
  • ~10 years of experience in the areas of health coaching, nutrition consulting, and laboratory test interpretation
  • ~30 years of information technology experience


A group of professionals consisting of software developers, designers, systems operators, and life sciences experts.

The Pathways Engine (PWS) The Pathways Engine (PWS)

  • PWS powers the next wave of digital products: Personalized reports and web content based on data from each unique customer.
  • PWS enables thought leaders in health and medicine to offer personalized digital products.
  • PWs analyses genetics-, laboratory- and questionnaire data, and outputs PDF or HTML content with dynamic graphics and top notch formatting and typography.
  • PWS is a SaaS platform and API designed to be easily integrated with existing websites and marketing/sales funnels.
  • PWS enables the rapid development of content and products while eliminating technological and financial risk.

B2B Services

  • Project management and content development for health apps in areas such as genetics and analysis of laboratory data.
  • Web application specification and development for health entrepreneurs.
  • Joint ventures in the areas of health information websites and applications.

Consumer and Practitioner Services

  • Consultations, coaching, and investigations with regard to nutritional- and lifestyle causes of health issues.